12 Gambian Ambassadors Recalled

Diplomatic sources have informed this paper that 12 Gambian ambassadors, who have recognised President-elect Adama Barrow, have been recalled and their services terminated.

They are Dembo M. Badjie in the People’s Republic of China, Momodou Badjie in Turkey, Elizabeth Ya Eli Harding in the UK, Dr Momodou Tangara at the UN, Sheikh Omar Faye in USA, Teneng Mba Jaiteh in Belgium, Pa Momodou Njie in Senegal, Lang Yabor in Spain, Masaneh N. Kinteh in Cuba, Abdou Jarju in Guinea Bissau, and Mass Axi Gai in Ethiopia.
In their petition letter last month, they said Jammeh’s rejection of the election has the potential of undermining the peace and stability for which The Gambia is renowned.
Meanwhile, informed sources have told this paper that Balla Garba Jahumpa, Minister of Works and Transport and campaign manager of the ruling APRC party, is in India for medical treatment.

Source: Picture: Amb Tangara, Amb Njie and Amb Axi Gai


  1. anonymous

    Traitors behave just like how Sheriff Bojang and others do.

    Yahya expect that many of their tribesmen will abandon you, but remain steadfast and reaffirm your position “backward never forward ever. God is ever powerful and Inshallah they will all regret their acts. As the wollof saying goes “Sosseh du sosal ken” they are devillish and only want to see your downfall but they will never live to see that. Note that with their treacherous plans in their defections none will ever survive to see your downfall. It is now clear to you that with all what they were saying in niceties and praise singing they were undermining you just to see your downfall but God the all knowing and everpowerful is and will continue to.protect you from their evil machination. INSHALLAH.


  2. Adama Barrow fraudulently President Elect

    Hello Fellow Gambians,

    I, Adama Barrow Independent Candidate representing the Coalition of eight parties hereby declare that the planned innaugration schuled for 19th January be postponed until when the ruling can be made on Petition filed by the APRC Party.

    The reason is, i want to go into office with a clean sheet. If i had known that the self exiled Gambians in the Diaspora had bribed the corrupt IEC Chairman Alieu Momar Njie before December 1st election i would have withdrawn my candidature. Democracy is not about cheating its all about being clean and to clean the mess other people left. On that note i am declaring the scheduled innaugration be halted until further notice. No urge for ascending to the presidency when the peace and tranquility of our beloved Gambia can be endangered.

    Many thanks for your cooperarion.

    Candidate Independent Coalition.

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