ammeh’s Last Hope In Limbo

Disappointed APRC supporters before empty Supreme Court!

It is evident the Gambia’s outgoing President Yahya Jammeh’s last hope is in limbo. Having lost the election, Yahya Jammeh puts his trust and faith on the Supreme Court to declare the results null and void. His party filed a petition at a court where only the Chief Justice Emmanuel Fagbenle remains. The APRC supporters turned out in their record numbers to attend the petition hearing at the Supreme Court in Banjul this morning. But all they found is an empty bench. The only Supreme Court Judge available is Chief Emmanuel Fagbenle who told the APRC attorney Edu Gomez that he needed a full panel to hear the petition. Justice Fagbenle told the court that the hired judges would not travel to Gambia until May. The APRC petition case was adjourned to Monday. However, Justice Fagbenle warned petitioners to be wary of the fact that they shouldn’t expect any changes in position that he cannot hear the case without a full panel. This left Lawyer Edu Gomez in disappointment.



  1. Anonymous

    this is a good news. Yaya Jammeh see nothing yet. He is a big fool and his lawyer is worst than him.

  2. Solomon

    Yankuba Colley and their stupid spokesman Seedy Njie know that when Yaya Jammeh step down they will no longer survive because they can never have even a messenger jobs much more their current positions. Yankuba Colley is the one who spoil KMC because he knows nothing. Seedy Njie, Yankuba Colley and Edu Gomez are dreaming, come January 19th, president elect Adam Barrow will be sworn in, In Sha Allah. For Edu Gomez many people are not surprise about you because we know that you are not honest and you are an opportunist, that is why you are losing clients everyday. Nobody take you seriously. I feel so sad when ever I hear Yankuba Badjie director general NIA, Yankuba Badjie was a school dropout at Muslim High School. He was in form one s1 and form two s1 where he stopped, because he could not pass the exams. Those who were in Muslim High from 1991 will know what am saying, I know Yankuba Badjie very well.

  3. anonymous

    Traitors behave just like how Sheriff Bojang and Alieu K Jammeh and others do.

    Yahya expect that many of their tribesmen will abandon you, but remain steadfast and reaffirm your position “backward never forward ever. God is ever powerful and Inshallah they will all regret their acts. As the wollof saying goes “Sosseh du sosal ken” they are devillish and only want to see your downfall but they will never live to see that. Note that with their treacherous plans in their defections none will ever survive to see your downfall. It is now clear to you that with all what they were saying in niceties and praise singing they were undermining you just to see your downfall but God the all knowing and everpowerful is and will continue to.protect you from their evil machination. INSHALLAH.


  4. Sulayman Ceesay

    The entire confusion we are going through at the moment in our dear and beautiful country is unnecessary and could have been avoided. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to move on, and wisdom comes in knowing when that time arrives. When one tries to fight against fate, one fights against self and becomes a loser at the end of the day. Jammeh has done his best at the helm of the country’s leadership, but as he himself publicly stated on 2nd December 2016, his loss was decreed by Allah (SWT). To now try to fight against that loss could only make him the loser in all this confusion, as it’s like fighting against the very Allah (SWT) that he recognized previously as decreeing his loss. He now turns against Allah (SWT) to tell Him that His decree was wrong and unfair and he Jammeh cannot accept the decree. We expected better of Jammeh…but I will continue to pray for him so he realizes that Gambians don’t necessarily hate him; they simply want their duly exercised democratic rights to be respected and upheld.

  5. APRC-1

    Hi goons,
    You fools are celebrating for the court adjournment not knowing its bad news for you and your so called president in his dreams. We should be the ones celebrating and not you. The adjournment of the petition hearing means no inauguration for Adama Barrow (goon leader) on the 19th unless you want to break the law and get your arses locked up in mile-2.

  6. Sulayman Ceesay

    Constitutionally and legally, no inauguration of President-elect Adama Barrow on 19th January 2017 means those standing in the way of the inauguration will be committing treason…and will be dealt with accordingly. Nobody and indeed no leader in history has defied the voices of his/her people and won. And Jammeh, with all due respect to him and his supporters, will not win. You don’t fight God and win! And don’t expect to support wrong and win either. History is replete with these realities and Jammeh will not be an exception to history! There comes a time in the history of every dictatorship when the voices of the people outgun State weaponry.

  7. APRC-1

    Voice of the people, which people? All we are saying is simple. NO INAUGURATION on the 19th. What part of that statement do you not understand? We shall see which mop head is going to swear who.

  8. Adama Barrow fraudulently President Elect

    Hello Fellow Gambians,

    I, Adama Barrow Independent Candidate representing the Coalition of eight parties hereby declare that the planned innaugration schuled for 19th January be postponed until when the ruling can be made on Petition filed by the APRC Party.

    The reason is, i want to go into office with a clean sheet. If i had known that the self exiled Gambians in the Diaspora had bribed the corrupt IEC Chairman Alieu Momar Njie before December 1st election i would have withdrawn my candidature. Democracy is not about cheating its all about being clean and to clean the mess other people left. On that note i am declaring the scheduled innaugration be halted until further notice. No urge for ascending to the presidency when the peace and tranquility of our beloved Gambia can be endangered.

    Many thanks for your cooperarion.

    Candidate Independent Coalition.

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