BREAKING NEWS : Sheriff Bojang is presently in Dakar. There is every reason to believe that he has absconded



  2. anonymous

    May i salute my Babili Mansa and entrust him all my safety and wellbeing. Jammeh Musa Gambians owe you a lot of gratitude for salvaging The Gambia from her stone-age condition that the so-called SIR Dawda left it in 1994. Jammeh Musa you picked our dilapedated and under-developed Gambia on the 22nd day of July in 1994 dusted it, polished it to its glittering status until the whole wide world remarks it as one of Africa’s emerging countries. You struggled with the little economy you found when you ascended to the leadership with your brilliance and determination you worked hard to achieve your goals until today every Gambian near and far are all feeling proud of being a Gambian thanks to you. No amount of betrayal, collaborative witch hunting or evil plot can ever succeed against you. THE ALMIGHTY GOD is always infavor of you. GOD will always stand by your side, and will always protect you against their devillish plots because you selflessly worked for the Gambia and Gambians regardless of tribe, religion or political affiliation. May the Almighty God shower you his blessings and continue to protect you and your family and every patriotic Gambian from the evil machinations of your enemies from near and far.

  3. Anonymous

    These sound like the voice of a very desperate servant, whose services are about to be terminated praying divine intervention,

  4. Taiwo Tween

    To me, it sounds like the voice of a lunatic.


    The Gambia is crying and has been crying for the past 22years.
    People who will not even be given a department in an organization
    to handle are the ones given a ministrial responsiblity.
    This is unbelivable.

  6. Anonymous 1

    who gives a monkey to this monkey calling himself anonymous, like it or not Gambians have decided, spewing gabbage on this forum seems too late my dear. hell awaits you and Jammeh and any other cohort, dumb ass.

  7. anonymous

    Traitors behave just like how Sheriff Bojang and others do.

    Yahya expect that many of their tribesmen will abandon you, but remain steadfast and reaffirm your position “backward never forward ever. God is ever powerful and Inshallah they will all regret their acts. As the wollof saying goes “Sosseh du sosal ken” they are devillish and only want to see your downfall but they will never live to see that. Note that with their treacherous plans in their defections none will ever survive to see your downfall. It is now clear to you that with all what they were saying in niceties and praise singing they were undermining you just to see your downfall but God the all knowing and everpowerful is and will continue to.protect you from their evil machination. INSHALLAH.


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